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My Basket of Hope

It All Began...

At the tender age of 28, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was devastated.  I had no idea what was going to happen or who to turn to for help.

I had so many questions! What about surgery, recovery, treatment, medical costs, and insurance?

It was a long hard process trying to figure out these answers to all of my questions.

I saw these same questions and concerns in the eyes and voices of other cancer patients, as they were trying to navigate their journey towards recovery.

But I survived and even moved on to enjoy another joyous milestone in my life’s journey,..another child and subsequently grandchildren. Life was good!

Then once again, “The Beast” came back to haunt me…30 years later.

I have personally lived through the various emotions that my fellow survivors go through daily — twice! 

I have seen the look and spirit of being overwhelmed, fearful, and just plain tired of this BEAST named CANCER.

So this is why I created this foundation, to educate and encourage survivors to actively participate in their healing.

They will need to make well-informed decisions for what is best for their physical, mental, and spiritual treatment. 

My Basket of Hope is here to give you the support you need, when and where you need it!

With Love,


Founder & Proud Survivor


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The Hope Team

My “Tribe” is my — no wait, they are YOUR support team! They do all the heavy lifting, from event planning to medical consulting, and most of all they are YOUR prayer warriors!  I couldn’t do it without them by my side!

Doris Randall CEO of My Basket of Hope

Doris Randall

CEO & Founder

Sandra Williams Editor & Events Coordinator of My Basket of Hope

Sandra Williams

Editor & Chief & Event Coordinator

Cynthia Addison CFO of My Basket of Hope

Cynthia Addison


Marcia White Medical Advisor of My Basket of Hope

Marcia White

Medical Advisor

Marcia White Medical Advisor of My Basket of Hope

Sharon Bacon

Fundraiser and Media Manager

Beverly Wright Chapin & Event Coordinator

Beverly Wright

Chaplin & Event Coordinator

Tosca Williams Business Manager of My Basket of Hope

Tosca Williams

Business Manager

Please contact us if you or someone you know or love can benefit from our services.

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