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What Do You Need to Know?

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Where Can I Find The Best Supprt Groups In My Area?

Call your local hospital and ask about its cancer support programs.

Ask your social worker to suggest groups.

Ask at your Doctor’s office, sometimes the receptionist is the best source of information rather than the nurse or doctor.

Talk to other patients who have tried support groups.

Go to our¬†organization’s page to connect with other foundations.

Join our Private Facebook Group, as well as other cancer groups specific to your kind of cancer.

Or go to the NCI Database Organizations that Offer Cancer Support Services for suggestions.

How Can My Family Help Me?

You may feel awkward about asking friends or family for help. Do it anyway, they want to help, but usually don’t know how. So don’t be afraid to tell them what you need!

Build a team, don’t ask the same person to do it all.

Bring someone with you to your appointments. Have them take notes and ask questions for you as well.

Figure out what you need and ask for it.

Talk to your children.

Appoint a surrogate and sign a healthcare proxy, so someone else can make medical decisions for you if necessary (also called a medical power of attorney).

Have them get other legal docs in order for you as well.

Let them take over everyday chores, housework, and yard work.

Allow them to use their talents to do something special for you.

Have them watch your kids.

Suggest they take you places so you can spend quality time with them.

Bring dinner, pre-cooked meals, or purchase groceries.

Tell them to educate themselves on your type of cancer and the treatments.

Let them do research for you and find a cancer team you trust.

Allow them to keep you organized.

Make sure they are keeping your doctors informed.

Have them follow your lead as long as you are up to it.

Help them understand you will have bad days.

Remind them you need a break from cancer.

Tell them you need to feel loved, and that you love them!

Where Can I Find A List Of Preferred Oncologists In my area?

Finding the right doctor that you feel comfortable is very important. Other things like insurance and their availability all have to be considered.¬† If you can’t find a doctor, we can work on helping you with that.

Where Can I Find A Checklist Of Questions To ASk My Physician Once Diagnosed With Cancer?

We’ve created a list of questions for you, you can view and print it here.

What Do I Do Next?

That really depends where you are in your journey. Send us a message thru our contact form and let’s chat to see how we can help you going forward.

Please contact us if you or someone you know or love can benefit from our services.

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