No One Survives Cancer Alone & No One Should Have To Try!

My Basket of Hope

What Does My Basket of Hope Do?

The goal of this foundation is to help people struggling with any kind of cancer,

to successfully maneuver through their recovery. We offer this thru various…

Support & Services

My Basket of Hope Professional Experts Support the Cause

The Experts

We offer seminars with doctors, nutritionists, and mental health care facilitators for a total recovery for your mind, body, and soul.

My Basket of Hope Helps You Deal with The Red Tape of Having Cancer

The Red Tape

If having cancer isn’t bad enough, you actually have to pay for it as well. We work with your insurance providers and try to help you figure it all out together!

My Basket of Hope Prayers FOR & WITH You while you deal with having Cancer

The Prayers

We are a Christ-centered organization, what we can’t do, we trust God to guide us thru! So prayer and worships are a big part of who we are! 

Mastectomy Bras Giveaway / My Basket of Hope

The Bras

Our annual Bra giveaway offers free mastectomy bras and the inserts, head scarves and more to qualified recipients.

My Basket of Hope Educational Events

The Information

We encourage survivors to make well-informed decisions regarding their treatments & what’s best for them.

My Basket of Hope Group Support

The Hugs

No one should “do” cancer alone! So we become your support system, and even your family.  HUGS INCLUDED!

Please contact us if you or someone you know or love can benefit from our services.

My Basket of Hope
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