I’m Not Super Woman, But I Battled The Beast Called Cancer & Won (So, Close Enough)!

My Basket of Hope

About The Book

Doris Randall writes about her trials, tribulations, and triumphs of beating breast cancer, twice!

She refers to her cancer as a BEAST to be battled with, and with the strength of family, friends, and her strong trust in God, she battled and won!!

She is a great storyteller. Doris writes with such detail you almost feel you’re in the room with her. You will smile often, laugh out loud, and even shed a few tears, but most of all you will enjoy reading her personal story of battling the BEAST called cancer.

Book Cover for Battling the Beast Again / My Basket of Hope

Here Are A Few Excerpts From The Book

The door flew open and in came a tall, snowy-haired man. He greeted me, stated his name, and shortly after, instructed me to lay on my back. He examined my right breast, grunted, and repeated the same steps when he got to my left breast. The doctor took off his glasses and informed me that he was so sure that if he stuck a needle in the growth, there would be no fluid. Only a biopsy could confirm what the grunter needs to know. He grunted again and told me to get dressed.  My daddy’s wise words floated through the room. Pay closer attention to what’s not being said. The doctor didn’t say much of anything. He communicated through the forms of grunting and the only message I received from that was, things can’t be too good. 

The day I learned I had cancer once again was a long one. The night was even longer. After everyone left, I took a bath and settled in bed. I said my prayers, turned off the light, and tried to sleep. During the wee hours of the morning, lightning flashes woke me up. I stood at the bedroom window looking at the light dance across the sky. My mind replayed the events of this day, and once more the tears flowed.  Why me again oh Lord? No answer.  Haven’t I gone thru enough? No answer. I remembered the night of my surgery thirty years ago, and I thought about the pain of that surgery and the pain of never being the same again. 


Tonight, that same pain came back, but now I got an answer. 


Watching the lightning, I noticed there was no thunder. I remember from school that thunder indicated how close the storm was. You would start counting from the flashing of lightning until you hear the sound of thunder. 


Now God was saying “yes there’s a storm brewing, but I’m keeping it out of your home, your family, and your heart. Trust me on this. You will have rain and wind, but I’m holding back the thunder.” Yes, my joy is once again coming in the morning. It may not be this morning or tomorrow morning, but it’s coming. Faith assures me of that. Lord, you got this right? 

Book Reviews

My name is Anita Bryant and I was gifted your book that I finished reading approximately 2 weeks ago. You asked for a review so this is mine.

First, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed “Battling the Beast…Again”. Once I started reading, it became a page-turner, so I finished it in 2 days. Doris, you told MY story with a couple of additions that I can add about myself. You shared your fears and triumphs in a humorous way, a trait we share.

As I said, I was gifted your book because I too am Battling the Beast for the 2nd time in my left breast. This 2nd battle was the same diagnosis as yours…triple negative. I have also battled this beast between breast cancer diagnosis defeating endometrial cancer 6 years ago and between it all I had a benign brain tumor removed. I call myself a walking miracle, so do my family and friends. You know the song; “I am a Living Testimony”.

I was so surprised over all our similarities between out 2 stories, I was shocked when you asked your husband for a divorce because I didn’t see that coming…he didn’t either.  I laughed out loud when you stated the reason for the divorce, again we share the same reason. I wasn’t married to the idiot but I realized that I had made him too comfortable and he thought it was all about him and I had invested enough time.


Again, I really enjoyed reading your book. I apologize if I made my review of your book about me and I wish you EVERYTHING good that life has to offer.

Love and Light,


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